Wheel Pose

Wheel Pose (Chakrasana)

Backbends allow you to combat your fears. Moving from fear to possibilities gives you a whole new perspective on life.

Once in chakrasana, your familiar perception of physical reality becomes totally disorientated. Reminding us there are so many ways to view life.

This pose is one of the more advanced postures and requires the spine and the body to be flexible and agile. We build up to this pose like any other with basic postures to prepare.

Chakrasana revitalises the naval energy centre (Manipur chakra) helping the bodies gastric and digestive functions.

Not only is this a powerful backbend, yogic texts mention this pose to be used for awakening of the kundalini shakti (primordial pool of energy and intelligence that resides in the human body).

Benefits of Wheel Pose  :-

  • Improves the strength of legs, thighs, and hands
  • Great pose for women having menstrual-related problems
  • Beneficial for cervical, headache, waist pain, and eye problems
  • Empowers intestines, stomach muscles and increase the flexibility of the spinal cord
  • Works as a great post for physical as well as emotional stability