Anjaneyasana yoga

Crescent Lunge Pose (Anjaneyasana)

Did you know motion creates emotions – power poses such as Anjaneyasa transform your power energy.

When balancing in this pose you build strength. When we bring balance in the body we feel the effects of grounding. This pose heals lower body soreness. The Anjaneyasa opens up the chest, heart and lungs.

Most of our emotional stress is held in the hips and groin. When you pay attention to what you are feeling in this pose, you bypass the Ego and stories of the held tension, finally allowing you to surrender.

Meridian lines are the rulers of certain emotional and cognitive functions. This pose targets the meridian line of the stomach and spleen (via groin and quadricep muscle). When you stimulate these meridian lines, you create more energy and blood flow, thereby promoting improved digestion and mood.

Benefits of Crescent Lunge Pose  :-

  • Works in stretching quadriceps and hip
  • Build energy to improve stability and balance
  • Improve muscle strength and knee support
  • Strengthens calf muscles and hamstrings.
  • Gives the power to hip extensor
  • Great counter workout for those who sit most of the time
  • Lift arms and torso to build energy
  • Works as an excellent sciatica pain relief pose