camel pose

Camel Pose (Ustrasana)

By letting go of back tension you eliminate the stress you’ve been holding on to. By opening your heart, you can deal with your emotions with compassion.

This pose targets the meridian line of the kidneys and bladder, which is also the line that leads all others. Because its connected to all energy points this pose awakens all the energies of the meridians and gets your body’s energy moving forward. If your body’s energy isn’t moving forward, you are working at a 50 percent deficit, meaning the body can’t heal itself.

When our kidney/ urinary bladder energy is imbalanced, we hold on to things and people, unable to let go. As we fearfully stop trusting people around us, we lack rust in ourselves as well.

Benefits of Camel Pose  :-

  • Stretches back & shoulder and give them strength
  • Benefits in improving spine flexibility
  • Works on improving body posture
  • Improves digestion, elimination process and amplify the abdominal region
  • Helps to reduce thigh fat, providing strength to thighs and arms
  • Provides flexibility in the spine
  • Works great in alleviating lower back pain