Overwhelmed with stress and crushed under the burden of deadlines, the contemporary world is quite busted. Anxiety and nervousness are way more prevalent than they were ever before. The harsh realities of life rest in our heads all the time in the form of negativities and pressing questions about our past and the present. We are stuck in the vicious circle of life driven by desires. Would you like to feel liberated from such a routine? Does the thought of attaining real happiness and liveliness persist in your mind as much as the desire of success and relationships? If yes, then it is time to experience the joys of movements. Yes, I am talking about the movements in the form of exercise or Yoga. In the Yoga terminology these are referred to as Vinyasa, the flowing movements that interlink the different postures or asanas.

The science behind physical exertion is that it raises the levels of endocannabinoids, a chemical found in the brain known for easing out pain, boosting the mood and for releasing other feel-good chemicals in the body. Way back, in 1885, a Scottish philosopher Alexander Bain had also described about what we call today as the-’runners high’. The ancient Indian culture has practiced, and advocated body movements in the form of Yoga, that appropriately channelize blood flow. The positions were carefully observed and defined to revitalize every part of the body including the mind. It is the release of the body chemicals that physically produce the effect of calmness and composure.

Movements can be addictive

What we understood about physical movements is that they do produce chemicals responsible for a happy mood. In fact, they produce an effect close to what the medicine cannabis produces. This forces the mind to get addicted to the happy state. An effect similar to what cocaine or heroin may produce. Regulated movements like in Yoga, however, properly influence the flow of fluids and keep you stable. Accordingly, it is suggested to practice Yoga in the presence of a trainer who can monitor your body movements, alignments and postures. No wonder, Yoga, in today’s date is considered to be the most powerful form of exercise that can minister and influence both mental and physical fitness.

Synchronized Movements

An interesting aspect observed and followed since ancient times is the- “collective effervescence”. This is the joyful self-transcendence that humans derive from moving together. There is a better sense of connection and affirmation when people move in unison. It co-relates to social or religious rituals and extends to group exercise classes. Synchrony generates collective joy and a positive atmosphere. Don’t be surprised if I say that exercising in unison creates a human reflex. The heartbeats, breathing movements, and even the brain activities align themselves with people in proximity. It creates a powerful aura of positivity and joy. Our psyche is bound to get affected as explained by the principle of proprioception. This is the state in which our brain becomes aware about the body movements in space. The senses are awakened, and you feel more connected and influential to each other. The bonding effect in synchrony raises the bar of joyfulness achieved.

How do movements affect our perception?

Humans evolve with challenges. Our body and brain are connected by electronic signals to coordinate for an evolution. When the body undergoes physical challenges, it sends signals to the brain. Mastering a seemingly impossible physical challenge could be the key to a major self-transformation. Conquering the art of Yoga and mastering the different poses elevates your mind to the possibility of achieving any and everything. It is a self-realization of empowerment and control over the outer world through your inner powers. When we challenge our body, we literally challenge all our deeply held thoughts and beliefs about ourselves. The turn of events happens thereafter. Apart from physical stamina, good health, feel-good chemical infusions, your endurance, self-awareness and resilience reach a new level.

Scientists have discovered that a body undergoing physical challenges possesses a large amount of the hormone Irisin. It is a protein that is known to activate the brain’s reward system and acts as a natural motivation booster. The class of proteins that it belongs to Myokines, are known to increase the physical and cognitive powers within us. Moreover, they also alleviate pain, reduce depression and can even help overcome fatal diseases like cancer.

When there is hope, there is a way out or a method that you can rely on for a healthy, happy life, the brain feels relaxed and comfortable. The anxiousness about the possibility of things going wrong is reduced. A new source of positivity is generated within you. The joys of movements then make their presence significant and felt.